Slice of Life Day Three: Doing Something Right!

It is past 11:30, and today I am wondering what I have gotten myself into with this writing project. It is just the sort of thing that I am interested in though. So now three days through and I am still going (if not strong).
Today I am pondering the meaning of that beautiful phrase "work-life-balance". How does it apply to teachers, who are famous for being strangers to their families from August to June. Where do we carve out the time for our families, and how do we meet the requirements of the job we love and have passion for and the family that we also have endless love and passion for.
I am unusual because I am teaching virtually - from home. This makes some aspects of the balance easier - I spend more time with the kiddos, I get a few moments between work tasks to kiss my babes, and the food is so much better than frozen dinners or cafeteria gourmet! But the flip side is also true, does my work suffer from being so cozy with my family? No matter how diligent I try to be and no matter how honest I try to be, I am so distracted when my little child reaches her arms towards me, while I should be writing a lesson, and needs a hug. What can I do?
Today I dropped my little man at the daycare. He pushed me out the door, after a kiss, and greeted me with warmth when I came to pick him up.
I may be feeling experiencing some tension between these two passions, but today I know that I am doing something right, so I will continue to try.


  1. It's so challenging to balance work and family tensions. I felt this as I read your SOL. Especially when you wrote, " How does it apply to teachers, who are famous for being strangers to their families from August to June."

    How interesting that you teach virtually. I would love to know more abut that.


  2. Welcome to the SOL world where many of us try to do that balance - not always effectively - and try to find meaning in our own existence as well. I'd agree that today you are doing something right - that is all you can measure at this point!