Slice of Life Day 14: Trying Again on the House

We went house hunting again this morning. We've been going nearly every Saturday morning for something like a month. We are bringing along the kids, because we are pinching pennies (see trying to buy a house here!!!).
It is getting to a point where I am feeling a lot of guilt every time I put my little one into the car seat. She is so tired of being in that bucket position. I don't blame her. I've even added a towel to my own seat because the bucket-y-ness is too much for me, so I can only empathize with her. Poor thing. Every time I put her in I remind myself that I am doing it to keep her safe, and that the ends (having a house and yard) do justify the means (having her spend a few more hours than I would prefer in that bucket).
We are hoping that this was our last Saturday morning spent house hunting. We put an offer on a giant house with nearly an acre of land, just 8 miles from my husband's work, no worries about my commute since I teach from home. So wish us luck, because I think this one feels right.
New topic: I love writing every day! We really are nearly a month through the challenge, and I am thinking about the writing habits I will carry on past the month of March. I am hoping to add a weekly Tuesday Slice, and maybe one or two other themes to keep my blog alive! What do you think of Virtual Educator Fridays or Mama Resource Mondays, or something else... I'll think about what is realistic for me, and what I really have something to say about.
Keep on loving and writing folks!

I am participating in the Slice of Life Challenge brought to us by the genius teachers at Two Writing Teachers.Thank you ladies!

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  1. First, I am excited for you possible house. My husband is a real estate person these days so I hear lots of stories. I hope your inspection goes well and your little one has a back yard to join her siblings in play. Yes the end does justify the mean in this case,
    As for writing, at this nearly 1/2 way point - I agree that the more I write the better and more I write! It's amazing how that works.