A Living Classroom

I am in the early stages of starting a small veggie garden in my balcony, this has me thinking about the life that I want to bring into my classroom.
Here are some pictures of my seedlings. It is so special to watch things grow and I will bring this same lesson to my students.

Post-Graduation Update

I have finished my undergraduate, and just last week my shiny new diploma came in the mail! I am so excited to be entering this new phase in my life. Right now I am continuing to work as a nanny, which I have been doing for four years, and I am working as a substitute teacher in some of the local schools. Talk about a learning experience!
So far as a substitute I have been reaffirmed in the fact that I have good classroom management, and that my strongest area is little kids. I have been called back repeatedly to a local preschool, and every other lower-grade classroom I have been in has been wonderful. Subbing in middle schools is a crazy world, I will not do it any more, but I could see myself teaching at that level, if I had to. I am glade that I did not choose to pursue secondary education, because high school is no fun for me. I think it would drive me crazy.
I am so very happy that I chose to get my degree in elementary education, it is what I love to do. When I am able to go to grad school (that will be when I have a full-time paid teaching position) I am planning to pursue a masters in early childhood education, over the past four years I have learned time and again that my talents make me perfect to teach early childhood.
Of course I am looking for that full-time fit, and the hiring season begins next month in this field, so if you have a lead please let me know. In the mean time, while I am working as a sub, I am taking advantage of the opportunity practice my skills, and to learn some of the tricks used by other teachers. I can take what I like and leave what I do not.