Slice of Life Day 11; Testing, Testing... 1, 2, 3!

How many of you are preparing for the standardized tests in the weeks coming up? It is one thing that makes me feel very un-inspired to write. Sorry, this has just not wound up being a day that I want to share anything extraordinary that happened. I want to respectfully handle the requirements and make the most of the circumstances I have found myself in as a teacher. I tell my students, and I mean it, that the test is a chance for them to show what they know and have learned. I showed them what the test will look like and gave them a limited number of sample problems and questions, but that is it. Did I do enough? Are they going to get to the test and feel as confident and able as I know they are? Will they sit at the computer and freeze? On the other hand, did I give to much of my precious time with the students "teaching to the test" or as I see it, teaching them how to take the test?
I want it to be OK, I will take any results that are positive as proof of the students' brilliance, but I will not take poor results as "proof" that they lack genius. I won't. We need to take the test. We need to make the most of it. We need to let the children know that no matter how they perform on the test, we will not be disappointed.
I am so ready for this to be over with so I can get on to the fun part of teaching. I am planning a science fair for the end of the year. That is what really matters to me. I can't wait to see my genius students (I hope you know that when I refer to my genius students, I am referring to all my students) pursue subjects that they enjoy and can experience hands-on learning.
Deep breaths.
This will be over soon.

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  1. Yes it is that testing season. I try to get through it without stressing anyone - including me!