Slice of Life Challenge Day 1: Late to Mass

It was a normal Sunday heading to church with my 11-month-old Befi. I felt like I was late, but I have the good fortune of only driving five minutes up the road to reach the parish, so when I arrived and the mass had not yet begun and did not seem like it would begin in a matter of moments, I was pleased; I am doing better than I thought!
I was pleased as little Befi rested peacefully in her car seat and I was able to kneel and have some quiet time in prayer. It was a surprise to me when four minutes after 11 some commotion near the alter brought my attention to the fact that it was late and mass was not yet starting. An elderly gentleman in a blazer announced that there had been some confusion with the schedule, but "he is on his way." I relished the extra time to sit in the peace of the sanctuary. Nobody seemed upset, perhaps because we are in an age when nobody comes to church who doesn't want to.
The wait was pleasant for me, with two small children, such peace is so rare. As we waited the elderly gentleman played a video from the Cardinal, saying that we would be watching it anyway, so we may just as well watch while waiting. The cantor sang a song.
At 11:15 Father arrived, mass went on as usual, and surprisingly was finished at the normal time. All a bizarre event I have never before experienced.