A Slight Twist

As I continue searching for a class of my own, I have decided to plan for the new year as though I have found the perfect placement. My imaginary class is a third grade in Massachusetts, with 26 students.

This will help me to stay on my game and to be better prepared if at the last minute I do find a placement anywhere. I have chosen to third grade, because I would like to teach third grade, but also because it is in the middle of the elementary grades, so some of my planning will be useful if I do begin teaching at any elementary level. The most important part of my imaginary classroom, is the fact that it is in Massachusetts, this means I will get some practice with Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, and it will help to prepare me for the Massachusetts Test for Educator License (MTEL) or any out-of-state teaching.

I am very excited to begin getting ready for my first year of teaching (almost)!

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