Status Update

I am spending the summer working as nanny for a beautiful boy/girl twin set. They will be turning one year next month! I love working as a nanny, but this should be my last family since I have now finished my bachelors.
My goal for the 2011-2012 school year has been to find a full-time teaching position in Massachusetts, ideally somewhere near Boston. I will have a hard time getting my MA license in time for the school year, so my search has narrowed to charter schools, private schools, and otherwise non-certified teaching jobs.
Of course there is no guarantee that in two months I will have found any job in Massachusetts, so I have a contingency plan; I have been welcomed by the twin's family to stick around and continue working with them. In that case I will also go back to subbing for another year, I am not looking forward to the stress of subbing again, but it is important that I stay in the classroom to keep my skills sharp for when I do find a long-term teaching position.
It may seem crazy, but I have decided not to search for a full-time job in Michigan, because if I were to find one I would quit next summer for a move to Massachusetts. Which brings me to the point, if I do stay in Michigan for this school year, that will be all, next summer (when my husband is also done with school) I will be moving to Massachusetts.
So wish me luck in the Massachusetts search, but know that everything will be okay even if I don't get to move this summer.

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