It is only Tuesday, but I have so much to share about this week already that it felt more like Friday!
Yesterday I took the day off from my class to take Kyle to his school across the state. It was very hard for me to leave him so far from where I am, but what he is doing there is important and I am proud of him.
I was not pleased though that the school where he is took so long in letting us know the move-in date, and when I did find out, I found out that it was a day well after most Michigan schools had begun (including both my placement school and the university) so that I could only drive him there if I would take a day away from teaching. I needed permission from my cooperating teacher and my university supervisor in order to take the day off, which I was only able to get thanks to Kathy. She told me and the supervisor that of course I was needed in the classroom, but that if I give 110% while I am at school, and there is a valid reason for me to need a day off, then as far as she is concerned I can take that day. Thanks to Kathy I did not have to put up an enormous fight to take my husband to school.
After the 2 1/2 hour drive home from Kyle's school I still had my first meeting of the one class I am taking this semester "The Writing Process for the Elementary Teacher". I was pleased with this first session, but of course there will be a good amount of writing to keep up with for that class which will need to be ready on Monday nights. The stress of this last semester is really starting to hit home for me. Not too much longer and I will at least be certified to teach!
Today went smoothly, it was very good to return to my students, they are each very dear and I love being in the school. President Obama made an address to school children, it lasted twenty minutes and cut our recess in half. And it was boring. I do not believe that my students were listening to it at all. In my opinion recess is a very important part of the day where children exercise, and unwind. I believe that children who have a hard time focusing benefit from it in a particular way, and I do not even like to use recess as a means of discipline. It is too important! So I was very upset that we were stuck in the classroom listening to a speech. Oh well.
The school year is off to a good start, and I am looking forward to sharing again soon!

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